Green Scott, PG

Scott is an accomplished environmental consultant, licensed Professional Geologist, and project manager with more than 25 years of experience. He has expertise in the pollution insurance industry, having worked for AIG for 13 years providing in-house technical consultation and remediation oversight services for claims throughout the U.S. Specifically, he develops detailed annual and life-cycle cost estimates, pollution event cost allocations in addition to providing technical support to claims analysts during coverage determination. Scott has evaluated hundreds of claims pertaining to whether incurred pollution costs were reasonable, customary, and consistent with industry standards and whether the work performed was required by environmental law. Scott has worked closely with claims analysts and their insured’s to provide closure option evaluation. The evaluation includes site and remedial options assessment, feasibility analyses, discussion and schedule for the site exit strategies, including detailed task-based cost estimate to allow stakeholders to decide on the best site closure strategy. In addition, Scott has conducted dozens of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, UST investigations and remediations, Brownfields and manufactured gas plant site investigations, feasibility studies, groundwater/solute transport modeling, and risk assessments. He also supports First Environment’s litigation support and expert testimony group; for example, he has implemented 3-D computer model visualization using Environmental Visualization System and animation to describe subsurface conditions for the purposes of litigation. Scott is a member of the ASTM International D18 Soil and Rock subcommittee and provides input to the development of new industry environmental and geotechnical standards. He also provides training to the environmental and drilling industry for numerous soil and groundwater sampling methodologies using direct push equipment.