First Environment provides niche environmental services to transportation agencies across the country representing diverse modes, including airports, bus, rail, and ports. For these clients we provide cutting-edge and strategic services including climate adaptation and resiliency planning, greenhouse gas management, environmental management system design and implementation, and stormwater pollution prevention and permitting. We specialize in taking a streamlined approach to incorporate sustainability initiatives into existing systems, so that they align with operational processes; available resources; and an organization’s structure, goals, and culture. Our staff is also active in industry dialogue, participating in and speaking at events for American Public Transportation Association, Transportation Research Board, and the Federal Transit Administration.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Climate change adaptation and resiliency
  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Environmental management system design and implementation
  • Stormwater pollution prevention and permitting
  • Site investigation and remediation design

Our Work

Resilience of NJ Transit Infrastructure to Climate Change

Client: NJ Transit Corporation
Location: Statewide, NJ

ACRP Synthesis – Outcomes of Green Initiatives: Large Airport Experience

Client: The National Academy of Sciences – Transportation Research Board
Location: Nationwide

Transit Climate Change Adaptation Program with Environmental Management System Integration

Client: Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Airport Environmental Management System Design and Implementation

Client: Westchester County Airport
Location: Westchester County, NY

RFS2 Engineering Review Report for Lanchester Landfill, SEPTA Electric Trolleys

Client: Blue Source, LLC
Location: Philadelphia, PA