Renewable Energy

First Environment has worked with numerous landfills, composting facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, and renewable fuel producers and proponents nationwide to successfully execute complex projects while delivering innovative and cost effective solutions. For these clients, the services we have provided include engineering reviews of biofuel production facilities seeking registration under EPA’s RFS2 program, site investigation and remediation, regulatory compliance, environmental management, and due diligence services. First Environment is also one of only a handful of firms with an EPA-approved Quality Assurance Program to provide Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) verification services. We assist public and private landfill owners, operators, and developers to fully capitalize on methane utilization projects, either through our greenhouse gas consulting or verification services. In addition, the firm provides the independent third party validation and verification needed by credit owners to register and sell their credits on the Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard, American Carbon Registry, and other platforms. Our experts have also worked hand in hand with municipal agencies to evaluate the benefits of anaerobic digestion; food to waste energy; and fats, oils and grease (FOG) technology, as well as implement these strategies to achieve significant cost savings.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is a market-based component of the California Air Resources Board’s regulatory programs implemented in response to the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). It seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by (1) decreasing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels and (2) encouraging the use of cleaner alternative fuels in California.

First Environment’s LCFS services include providing technical assistance for fuel pathway applications, monitoring plan development, GREET 3.0 modeling, and quarterly and annual reporting support. Alternately, we can provide validation and verification services as an ARB-accredited LCFS verifier. This includes validation of fuel carbon intensity calculations (i.e., “pathway” applications), as well as verification of quarterly and annual fuel reports.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Greenhouse gas project consulting
  • RFS2 engineering review and oversight
  • Site inspections
  • Biofuel process engineering evaluation
  • RIN verification
  • LCFS technical assistance

Our Work

RINs Verification Engineering Review Report for Fresh Kills Landfill

Client: Element Markets, LLC New York City, Department of Sanitation
Location: New York, NY

RINs Verification Engineering Review Report for Dos Rios Water Recycling Center

Client: Element Markets, LLC San Antonio Water System
Location: San Antonio, TX

RINs Verification Engineering Review Report for Clean Energy LNG Facility

Client: Element Markets, LLC Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, LLC
Location: Boron, CA

RINs Verification Engineering Review Report for City of Riverview

Client: Blue Source, LLC City of Riverview, Michigan
Location: Riverview, MI

Engineering Review Report for the Blue Line Transfer Facility

Client: The Prasino Group Blue Line Transfer, Inc.
Location: San Francisco, CA

RFS2 Engineering Review Report for Lanchester Landfill, SEPTA Electric Trolleys

Client: Blue Source, LLC
Location: Philadelphia, PA