Climate Forward Program: We’re an Approved Confirmation Body

First Environment has been approved as a Confirmation Body under the new Climate Forward program, which champions innovative forecast methodologies to mitigate future greenhouse gas emissions from new types of economic activity. We’re excited to work with project proponents to help them begin realizing carbon offsets on emission reduction projects under this scheme.

About Climate Forward

Climate Forward builds upon the Climate Action Reserve’s commitment to expand climate change mitigation efforts and promote transparency in greenhouse gas accounting. Under this program project proponents can use existing approved methodologies or develop new innovative methodologies. Forecasted Mitigation Units (FMUs) are issued upon successful confirmation and are used to mitigate anticipated future emissions from current investment activities.  This structure allows for organizations to invest in innovative climate solutions to address their environmental impacts.


Forecast Methodologies

As of April 2020 there are six methodologies approved under Climate Forward: dairy digesters, pool covers, improved cook stoves, mature forest management, reforestation, and solar photovoltaic. All methodologies are required to contain eligibility rules, quantification methods, documentation requirements, and confirmation requirements to ensure consistency in greenhouse gas accounting for each mitigation project. If a project does not fall under an existing forecast methodology, a new one must be developed and submitted to Climate Forward for approval.


The Confirmation Process

Projects under the Climate Forward program are required to undergo a one-time confirmation by an accredited provider (or Confirmation Body) in order to confirm emission reduction calculations and adherence to the applicable forecast methodology. As an approved Confirmation Body, First Environment’s staff have undergone the necessary training and follow guidelines set forth in the Climate Forward Program Manual and Climate Forward Confirmation Manual, as well as additional guidance for each methodology. We also adhere to internal procedures required under the firm’s ANSI accreditation to ISO 14065.


Our Verification Expertise

The Climate Forward program is the latest addition to First Environment’s already robust verification practice area. Our greenhouse gas group has a long history providing verification and validation services for emission reporting or offset projects under most North American compliance or voluntary programs. First Environment is CARB-accredited as a verification body for cap and trade compliance offset project data reports with livestock, ozone depleting substances, and mine methane capture project specialties. The firm is also a CARB-accredited verification body for GHG emission data reports under the MRR and our team includes transaction, oil and gas, and process emissions sector specialists. First Environment is also ANSI-accredited to perform verifications of voluntary offset projects under the CAR, VCS and ACR programs; The Climate Registry member reports; and compliance greenhouse gas reporting to Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.


If you have questions about eligibility under the Climate Forward program, please contact us.


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