Scott Green & Arthur Clarke Present on PFAS at NJ Association of Environmental Authorities Conference

On November 20th, Scott Green and Arthur Clarke presented “You Have a PFAS Problem: How PFAST Do You Need to Act?” at the 2019 New Jersey Association of Environmental Authorities Annual Conference in Atlantic City. The presentation outlined practical methods that environmental managers can follow in order to ascertain the extent of PFAS contamination, potential liability, obligations to regulatory authorities, and possible sources and pathways of contamination from nearby properties.


New Jersey municipalities and authorities have for decades been managing and remediating contamination of soil and groundwater resulting from past practices. However, in recent years authorities have been surprised by a previously unrecognized environmental threat from a family of compounds known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Environmental authorities have found themselves on the receiving end of lawsuits, administrative orders, and notice letters making this a time critical issue. Constantly changing sampling requirements, evolving regulatory standards, and ongoing research into health effects and remedial options make addressing PFAS contamination somewhat of a guessing game. In their presentation, Scott and Art address these challenges and differentiate between short and long term strategies for treating drinking water and initiating remedial actions.


View the full presentation here. If you have questions about PFAS or a potentially contaminated site, please contact us.