Heltzer Josh

Josh is a litigation support and sustainability specialist with 30 years of experience in the federal, private sector, civic, and international arenas. He is knowledgeable of federal standards and specifications based on his education and experience, which includes extensive research for complex environmental litigations. He has performed hundreds of company evaluations and site assessments related to transactional due diligence; supervised environmental and social aspects of investment portfolios; and worked on comprehensive town planning. Josh regularly conducts research, administers and uses litigation support databases, and develops expert reports. Many of his cases have involved the use of chlorinated solvents by aircraft industries during the World War II era. Most of his matters require review, culling, and synthesis of information gained from hundreds—if not thousands—of open source publications and case-specific documents. Underpinning our litigation and mediation successes, Josh is centrally involved in the development of case strategy; performance of technical and historical research; data analysis; development of demonstratives; and drafting of expert reports and rebuttals.