Site Investigation and Remediation Case Study:
Redevelopment of a Landfill Site

CASE: Redevelopment of a Landfill Site

LOCATION: Whippany, NJ

OBJECTIVE: Gain approval of Planning Board and allay neighbor's concerns
Present clear explanation of environmental issues at Planning Board hearings.

RESULTS: Site Plan approval received

After a two year search, Tiffany & Co. found the ideal location for its warehousing and catalog operation at a Hanover Township, NJ, site, but the choice was complicated by the existence of a paperboard landfill on the site. While development of the site was the responsibility of the property owner, Tiffany recognized its substantial stake in attending to the concerns of the prospective employees, neighbors, and the town. Working closely with Tiffany’s site development team, First Environment ensured that Tiffany’s interests were reflected in the site and landfill closure designs and plans of the engineering and construction team developing the site for the landowner, represented its interests before the planning board and provided expert testimony for the site plan approval at public hearings. In recognition of our client’s desire to go “above and beyond,” First Environment provided changes to the Landfill Closure Plan. As a result, the landfill gas treatment system was upgraded from a passively vented system to an active gas collection system with activated carbon treatment. The active system addressed the odor concerns of neighbors and employees and had the additional benefit of eliminating vent pipes.

As a result, the landfill portion of the site will appear as a field of wildflowers, unmarred by vent pipes or other signs of treatment. First Environment prepared “Fact Sheets” for the development team, employees, neighbors, and local government. We then provided expert testimony regarding the environmental issues at the site at the public hearings associated with the Site Plan Approval process. With our extensive expert witness experience, we were able to present the information in a clear, concise manner, and successfully allay the environmental concerns of both the Planning Board and the citizens present at the meetings. We have continued to provide oversight of the development for Tiffany.


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