Regulatory Compliance: Case Study

To develop and ultimately implement an effective EMS for this major photo-film manufacturer, we conducted regulatory audits on five facilities located across the U.S. We audited three of the company’s warehouses with regard to warehouse operations and camera repair, including the temporary storage and removal of hazardous materials. The company’s corporate office was audited with regard to Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) documentation. We then audited one of the company’s manufacturing facilities for compliance with regard to research and development conducted there, including the temporary storage and removal of hazardous materials.


CASE: Baseline Regulatory Compliance Audits

LOCATION: 5 U.S. cities


  • Development and implementation of EMS for five facilities across the U.S
  • Performance of several regulatory compliance audits
  • Development of EMS database for aspects and impacts

Simultaneously with the regulatory audits, we worked with the company’s personnel in identifying and ranking aspects and impacts, as well as objectives and targets and legal and other requirements to develop a workable EMS. Following the regulatory audits, we developed a custom EMS database that incorporates the aspects and impacts identified by the company’s personnel and the legal and other requirements identified during the regulatory audits.

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