Life Cycle Assessment

First Environment works with organizations interested in assimilating Life Cycle Management (LCM) into their systems. LCM consists of protocols, practices and tools that are used to assess the impacts of a product or process systems over its life cycle. A manufacturer is responsible not only for direct production impacts, but also impacts associated with inputs, use, transport and disposal of its products.

We assist organizations in taking a more holistic view of how they develop and build their products. We also support forward-looking companies seeking to address issues of climate change and sustainability, providing strategic planning, greenhouse gas management, stakeholder analysis and outreach, sustainability reporting and more.

Highlights of our Life Cycle Assessment team’s work in the field include experience developing international LCA standards (the ISO 14040 series), and providing a significant portion of the data for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) software for the selection of environmentally preferable building products.

Our approach to LCA focuses on identifying both the qualitative and quantitative indicators of a product’s environmental ‘footprint’. We strive to understand the uniqueness of the product market, and identify organizational, design and management solutions that make the most sense for the business as a whole.

Our extensive portfolio of projects give us a broad and deep level of knowledge and credibility in the Life Cycle Management arena. Some example projects include but are not limited to oxygenated gasoline, production of cement clinker from a power plant, transformer oil, general purpose cleaners, floor covering, healthcare textiles, as well as experience with metals and mining industries.

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We help companies develop an environmental balance sheet for the environmental impacts of its products throughout the value chain.

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