Sustainability Initiatives: Greenhouse Gas Quantification

First Environment considers the GHG emissions that result from its own operations. In a formal initiative titled the Greenhouse Gas Initiative (GHGi), we conducted an inventory and established a baseline (2002) of GHG emissions related to the firm’s activities.

Four significant sources of emissions have been identified and separate teams address each of the following sources:

GHG emissions originating from office electricity, natural gas and water use

GHG emissions produced by air, train and vehicle business travel, as well as staff commute

GHG emissions related to office supplies and equipment, such as paper and printers

Field Work Operations:
GHG emissions related to the firm’s field work including site investigation and remediation.

The GHGi teams consider guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute) as well as other best practices for the preparation of the firm’s annual inventory.


From the tiled carpet to the cellulose-insulated ceiling, we incorporated features that are Earth - and employee - friendly.

As a service firm, we have identified our primary areas of GHG emissions impact and quantified emissions from four sources: Utilities, Travel, Office Supplies, and Field Work Operations.

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