Climate Change: Case Study

CLIENT: Bentley Prince Street

TASK: Certification of California Climate Action Registry Report

LOCATION:  California

In August 2004, Bentley Prince Street, a manufacturer of floor coverings for commercial and residential interiors and subsidiary of Interface, Inc. became the first certified reporter of 2003 data to the California Climate Action Registry (CA Registry).  The CA Registry is a state-established GHG emissions registry which offers participants potential protection of early GHG reductions from future climate change regulations.  Bentley Prince Street was one of the first charter members of the CA Registry.  


First Environment, the first California Energy Commission-approved certifier for CA Registry participant reports, performed a verification of Bentley Prince Street’s 2003 report as is required for acceptance of this information into the CA Registry GHG report database. The verification found that the Bentley Prince Street report met the CA Registry minimum quality standard of 95 percent accuracy and was free from material misstatements.



The submission of Bentley Prince Street’s GHG Report and First Environment’s certification opinions were performed through the Climate Action Registry Reporting Online Tool (CARROT) which is now also being used as the basis for the World Economic Forum’s Global GHG Register.

About our involvement with specific climate change initiatives such as the California Climate Action Registry

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